Unjustified Criticism

Remember the old saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  This has to be one of the all time untruths that I know.  Often times this phrase was used by someone to cover up the hurt they were enduring by someone else who chose to slay there name, character and/or physical appearance.  As a child, I can remember being one of these people who used this phase almost daily.  I never felt like I was pretty enough and that I was too poor to hang with the cool crowd.  In elementary I was taunted by other kids (bully’s) for these very reasons,  but as life moved on I started on a new path of self worth and never  wanted to look back.

Topic of the day: Unjustified Criticism

Subtopic:  Being the bigger person

Scripture:  2nd Samuel 16:5-14


Today I started this topic off with a blast from my past.  I sit in amazement and wonder why my mom used to tell me to say this cliché of sticks and stones back to the person that was, in-fact, hurting me; for years , even through adult hood, I dealt with insecurities and trying my best to “please people”  I thank God for deliverance. 


In today’s lesson we find King David on a journey to now flee the land that the Lord had originally gave to him (2nd Samuel: 1,) which was promised to him during the reign of King Saul (1 Samuel: 16.)  During this journey David runs into an old follower of King Saul (Shimei,) who was still harboring ill will against David because of the fallen King (Saul;) ranting and raving curses at him and his followers, spewing out accusations and curses against the fleeing King concerning the death of Saul; for which he (David)  had no part in.  Not  only does Shimei speak these words of negativity to David and his follower’s as they pass by, but verse 13 says that he followed them and continued to speak negatively against them, but David (being that strong God fearing man that he is)  would not give in nor would he let his followers engage the man for his actions.


From the foot notes of the NASB Life Application Bible:


“…… David and his followers quietly tolerated the abuse.  Maintaining your composure in the face of unjustified criticism can be a trying experience and an emotional drain, but if you can’t stop criticism, it is best just to ignore it.  Remember that God knows what you are enduring, and he will vindicate you if you are in the right.”

Let us stop and reflect on how we have been hurt by others and  then think on how we may have hurt others with our words.  I thank God that David was able to be the “bigger person” wile enduring such slander; not many of us can say that about our own actions.  Let us think before we speak today and focus on God who is willing and able to fight our battles for us if we just be still.


God Bless,

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